About Us

Who We Are

We are DELUXE TASTE provides South African abalone products of the highest quality. Its farming and processing operations are located in the beautiful coastal towns of Gansbaai and Hermanus. Our abalones are reared in the beautiful, pristine Walker Bay waters, with natural farming process, as well as our traditional processing techniques that ensure you the best quality, texture and flavour of abalones for a causal but refined taste experience.

Swiss Star Chef Selection

Why Choose Deluxe Taste

Natural and non-polluted habitat

As the saying goes “ You are what you eat”, the same applies to abalone. DELUXE TASTE abalones are developed in immaculate water and hygienic condition with sufficient space and first rate bolsters.

Delectable and healthy

According to the Chinese “Compendium of Materia Medica”,
abalone has the nurturing ability to re-establish the balance within our body,
it is particularly good for our eyes and liver. Modern western medicine also
revealed that abalone is a good source of protein with low fat content, it is also high in Omega 3, iodine and phosphorus. Omega 3’s anti-inflammatory property can lower the risk of heart disease and arthritis. Iodine is instrumental in the normal functioning of our thyroid glands, whereas phosphorus is vital for our metabolism, especially the growth of bones and teeth.


Enjoy your DELUXE TASTE abalones straight from the pack for an unadulterated taste of abalone. Chill the whole pack and let the bouncy jelly-like texture of collagen refreshes you with a tang. Reheat the whole pack to bring out the fragrance of the abalone essence for a palatable feast.

The natural zest from South Africa

The professional supplier that DELUXE TASTE works with has over 20 years of experience in abalone farming, using natural husbandry method with all rounded monitored marine environment and the pump-ashore flow-through system, the abalone can grow in a stable and optimal setting. In general, South African abalones are darker in color with strong aroma, after a lengthy slow-cook procedure, the resulting abalone is chewy yet tender, leaving a balsamic after-taste.