Original Taste of Instant Abalone Noodle

Pristine Water
Deluxe Taste abalone is raised in the Walker Bay waters without contamination, upheld by 24-hour access to this unblemished marine condition and the pump-aground course through framework. This empowers the abalones approach consistent new seawater to keep them in ideal condition.
Natural Farming
Our abalone is reared with as little interference as possible with farming methods that are completely natural. They are not given any growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals.
Full of Nutritious
Instant abalone noodles are nutritious, containing elevated amounts of protein that supports your skin, adjust your pulse, improve your liver and vision, soothe summer-warm and so forth.
Taste Receptor
The instant abalone can be served cool or hot for the nature taste of this special delicacy. Else, it can likewise be presented with a light plunge of truffle Himalayan salt could notwithstanding bring a succulent surface and unobtrusive taste of sweetness, offering you an extravagance liberality.

Gift Boxset 《Wheatfield with Cypresses》with Abalone and Honey

The natural zest from South Africa

Walker Bay, located in the South of South Africa, is one of the remaining places on earth with pristine water to nurture abalones with superior quality. The professional supplier that DELUXE TASTE works with has over 20 years of experience in abalone farming, using natural husbandry method with all rounded monitored marine environment and the pump-ashore flow-through system, the abalone can grow in a stable and optimal setting. In general, South African abalones are darker in color with strong aroma, after a lengthy slow-cook procedure, the resulting abalone is chewy yet tender, leaving a balsamic aftertaste.